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Employee vs. Service Provider

There’s nothing personal in business. Leadership focuses on people, but business focuses on increasing profitability, while reducing any risk of liabilities, plain and simple. By approaching my employment as a service provider, I keep the control of my service offering, and the agreed compensation that offering, and its results should generate me. I no longer struggle with having to ask for an increase as if asking for a favor, I negotiate a desired outcome with a desired compensation for it….a straightforward business transaction, without the emotional sabotage I used to torture myself with.

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Pick Your Hard

Our life is the result of the choices we make. If we want to succeed at the level of the 1%, we have to be willing to do what the other 99% is too lazy to do. Every choice I make, brings me one step closer to my goals every day. I have a crystal clear picture of the hards I’m willing to endure to achieve the goals I dream of. My hope for you is that you decide to do the same. You have all the potential within you already, your next step is to align your non-negotiables with the hards you’re going to choose going forward.

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How Do Leaders Work on the Things They Don’t Feel Like Working?

Leadership is not a role one can take on lightly, I’ve said this before, but I think is worth repeating. If we want others to believe in us and to willingly follow us, we must give them something worth following. At home, we cannot ask from our spouse and children, or from our parents, something that we are not willing to give. It always boils down to self-leadership. We reap what we saw.

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The Growing Pains of Learning a New Skill

When it comes to skills, it is easy to feel overwhelmed if we feel we lack what we need to move a new project forward. One of the things I love the most about coaching is that along with performance goals, because we are ultimately high performers, there are growth goals associated with them, that we need to identify and develop in parallel to make those performance goals a reality.

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Let’s Discuss Physical Performance

As life gets busy with goals and projects, we tend to maximize the time we dedicate to them and more often than not, we leave certain things sitting in the back burner. I’ve personally experienced seasons at work in which between the workload and hectic business travel, I don’t pay attention to hydrating well or getting enough sleep. Sometimes my meals consist of the closest fast food restaurant Uber eats can supply or even in some occasions, just a vending machine on the go.

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Hobbies + Daydreaming = Fueled Creativity

As leaders we are always creating something. We create opportunities, we create a vision, we create solutions and creativity is a requirement for high performance and dedicating time to enjoy our hobbies, allows for that creativity to flow freely.

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Learning How to Get Out of Our Own Way

Doing the hard things, the ones that make us uncomfortable, will become second nature once we learn to act – leaders are first movers. Instead of overthinking and anticipating everything that could go wrong, focus on all that can go great while keeping a realistic but positive approach. Remember that self-believe comes first. How can we expect others to believe in us, if we second-guess our every move?

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The Importance of Filling Up Our Cup

An analogy I love using when illustrating this point is that same as before take-off the flight attendant, during the safety briefing, explains the use of the oxygen mask in case of depressurization of the cabin, we must put our mask on first, before we can attempt to help others put on theirs.

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Leadership Starts with Self-Leadership

Our continuous growth, will support our efforts to support the growth of our people, these two, are intrinsically linked. This is not solely linked to the marketplace, but it applies to our family and friends as well. And growth my friend, has to be intentional, it doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning, it takes time, and it take consistency, it takes sacrifice, but the results will be worth it!

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Action Always Comes Before Motivation

We tend to romanticize the idea of having all our ducks in a row before getting started, but what happens in this case is that more often than not, procrastination kicks in, and if you tend to be on the perfectionist side, forget it, the wheels will keep on turning, yet nothing of value will truly get accomplished. The doer of deeds is the one getting the work done. Walk the talk, don’t forget that talk is cheap!

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