Hi, I'm Maria

I’m an accomplished Aviation Management Professional with over 26 years of experience working with and leading high performing teams in the areas of maintenance and manufacturing.

I received my undergraduate degree in. Business Administration with majors in International Business and  Business Management from Florida International university (FIU) and my MBA in Aviation with a concentration in Finance from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university (ERAU).

I’m also a certified Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt (L6σBB) and hold a Project Management Professional PMP® License.

sound familiar?

I realized I was earning way below the market average and I knew something had to change.

Building a solid and successful career in leadership and while moving away from living paycheck to paycheck is an attainable goal. I have a proven corporate record of achieving “impossible” results without any earth shattering changes and the payback to the value of my work has tenfold.

My secret is based on my Meaningful Leadership framework approach to leadership. I’m here to inspire you, challenge you and educate you in the areas of leadership, team-building and effective communication to help you refrain your approach towards your managerial role and help you break that glass ceiling once and for all.

I not only wrote a whole book breaking it all down, but now I’m developing my first ever leadership bootcamp course to help you navigate your new journey to success.

We’re here for you, in your corner and rooting for you!

leadership simplified

I realized that very little of the what I learned through my MBA equipped me to deal with the real demands of leading teams

There’s a huge difference between what we learn in the classroom of our business classes and the situations and demands of a real corporate job. From managerial skills to creating a solid foundation for leadership, academia falls short and we are left dealing with the aftermath of the shortcomings after graduation.

Equipping ourselves if possible, but it will require hours of research, reading countless books and practicing lots of trial and error as we navigate uncharted territories on our own trying to figure out things while keeping the team functioning and the operation the business has entrusted us to manage, afloat.

I’m here to tell you, there’s an easier way! I’ve done the leg work for you. With +26 years of corporate leadership under my belt, I’ve created my surefire leadership framework; that guide you through the process of mastering your leadership, becoming a solid team-builder and equippingyou for success.


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More leaders like Ms. Aguirre and less Micro Managers
I read Ms. Aguirre's book, it is a wealth of positive information for leaders as well as for those that intend to lead. Early on, I discovered that people follow "LEADERS" not "TITLES". Ms. Aguirre makes wonderful illustrations and examples of what it is like to be a true leader. In my 62 years, I managed big corporate America food processors, I worked as an industrial technician and had the fortune of working for some wonderful leaders. I also had the fortune to work for some very rude, belligerent pseudo intellectuals. They taught me the most; that was how not to lead. The morale of the team with these people were always at its bottom and people did the least and made the most. Ms. Aguirre, is a leader that I wish I had worked for many years ago. How refreshing to work for someone with, knowledge, compassion and true leadership skills. I highly recommend this book. Weather you are leading, plan to lead or are a front line team member that makes the numbers look great. Continued success, Respectfully. JG.. (Buy the Book)
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The ultimate guide to leadership
If you consider yourself a leader or aspire to become one — you must read this book. Maria somehow manages to combine her pure expertise (27 years leading teams in Aerospace Operations) with the empathy of a likeminded friend, speaking from the heart. By reading her book, you’ll receive a masterclass in leadership while also feeling the support of a trusted friend. Her approach is wildly different than your run-of-the-mill business book — and far more impactful and enjoyable to read.
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maria aguirre

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author, leadership content creator & COFFEE snob

I’m beyond passionate about all things leadership. By trade I’m an aviation management professional and one of the things I enjoy doing the most is writing. I created my blog in January 4, 2022 as a way of sharing with the world the leadership content I’ve been creating and later on, September 25th my first book was published, which rank in the Amazon’s Production & Operations genre as a bestseller after 24 hours.

I’m a full. blown introvert, so small talk is not my thing, but I love engaging in though provoking and meaningful conversations and getting to truly know amazing people at a deeper level. Despite being camera shy, I’ve gotten out of my own way and started a YouTube channel to help me spread my message to as many leaders as I can.

One of my long time dreams is to travel through Tuscany, Italy and enjoy the cuisine in the small local restaurants, while enjoying the beautiful scenery and practicing my Italian…ciao!

PS I take my coffee experience very seriously 🙂

LOCATED IN Sunny Miami
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