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Valuable life lessons on leadership, team-building, emotional intelligence, connecting-style communication and much more, delivered in a way that engages, entertains and educates.

The three value bombs I shared with JLD – John Lee Dumas – for EOFire


1) Most people perceive success as having a balanced life, freedom, financial stability, and a fulfilling family life.

2) A defined destination, discipline, and good habits will get you where you want to be.

3) Do not be afraid to lead. Lead with a heart for people and integrity. Pour out everything you built inside of you into creating something that adds value to everyone around you.

With her innate ability to connect with diverse audiences, Maria has been successful in delivering messages that resonate deeply and inspire change. Her speeches are infused with personal anecdotes, relatable experiences, and research-backed insights that paint a vivid picture of the challenges and rewards of embracing one’s unique qualities as a leader. 

Maria’s impact as a speaker extends far beyond the stage. Her thought-provoking ideas have the power to transform leaders from all walks of life, encouraging them to adopt a more inclusive and empathetic approach to leading their teams. Through her words and insights, Maria has helped countless individuals break free from the constraints of conventional leadership wisdom and discover their own unique path to success.

One of Maria’s most notable strengths as a speaker is her ability to create a sense of community among her audience members. By fostering an environment of open dialogue and collaboration, she encourages leaders to learn from one another and grow together. This collaborative approach has played a pivotal role in the success of her leadership development programs, as well as in her own personal journey as a leader.

In a world where leadership is often defined by one-size-fits-all solutions, Maria Aguirre stands out as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her powerful speaking engagements have touched the lives of thousands of leaders and continue to pave the way for a more inclusive, diverse, and compassionate future in the realm of leadership.

Signature Talks

Empathic Listening

Understanding the realm of emotions and how to deal with each, makes empathic listening so much easier, as it allows us to communicate with others in an empathic way, as empathy is first and foremost an emotional skill that develops through interactions. Let’s break down each one of the emotions and learn about the best course of action we can offer our speaker.

Fear of Failure and the Success Cycle

My game changer was learning how to approach failure with open arms. And right now you are probably thinking “what, she’s crazy!” but the truth is, there is no success without failure, Failure is part of the success cycle. In any endeavor we wish to embark on, the success cycle will be present. At the beginning we enter the success cycle, along with our brand new idea, opportunity, class, and soon after challenges will appear, we may be able to handle them or we may fail, regardless, we fine-tune our approach, and re-enter the cycle and the loop is ongoing, or else we stay stagnant, because learning new things and growing, involves certain degree of growing pains and struggle.

Entrepreneurship demands creativity, willingness to take risks, originality and therefore, tons of vulnerability. Is it scary? Heck yeah it’s terrifying, but creating something and making our vision a reality is a truly priceless experience.

Perfectionist in Recovery

Society paints perfectionism as the stoic attempt to make everything we do in the most perfect way, but perfectionism truly is the attempt to perfect our own imperfect self, creating unnecessary anxiety and stress and leaving us feeling like no matter what we do, we will always fall short.

Perfectionism can become a roadblock getting in our way of achieving greatness.

My whole life I’ve strived to reach the highest levels of excellence.

As a student, my grades drove my entire academic experience, to the point that going out and having fun with my classmates was not an option as an A- was not an option either.

Professionally, I work harder and longer than the rest of my colleagues, in a constant state of competition. And don’t get me wrong, my career flourished, and my grades were second to none but I paid a high price

Despite my accomplishments, nothing felt like it was good enough, as perfectionism claims our worth and pegs it to what we do and not to who we are.

Perfectionism tells us that we ought to be flawless, yet perfectionism is an illusion. 

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