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Impostor Syndrome

Failing Forward: Embrace Failure to Achieve Success

In this article, Maria Aguirre explores the concept of “Failing Forward,” emphasizing the importance of embracing failure as a pathway to success and fostering a growth mindset. She provides five practical strategies for leaders, including cultivating a culture of experimentation, offering constructive feedback, developing emotional intelligence, celebrating effort and growth, and modeling resilience and learning from failure, to help teams overcome fear and achieve peak performance.

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Do You Have a Big, Scary Dream?

Achieving success can be a difficult and uncertain journey. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of worrying, doubting, and struggling to make progress; not to mention all the second guessing and overthinking

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The True Perfectionist

I have stopped using perfectionism as a crutch to justify my fear of criticism and my lack of self-confidence, and instead have combined my love for continuous improvement to put out great, imperfect work each day and keep working consistently into perfecting my craft.

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Employee vs. Service Provider

There’s nothing personal in business. Leadership focuses on people, but business focuses on increasing profitability, while reducing any risk of liabilities, plain and simple. By approaching my employment as a service provider, I keep the control of my service offering, and the agreed compensation that offering, and its results should generate me. I no longer struggle with having to ask for an increase as if asking for a favor, I negotiate a desired outcome with a desired compensation for it….a straightforward business transaction, without the emotional sabotage I used to torture myself with.

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What Determines Your Identity?

The problem with attaching our identity to the work we do or to the company we do it for is that the day that for any reason that job is no longer there, professionals lose alongside with their income, their own sense of purpose and identity. And this is not only relevant to jobs or careers, it happens with spouses, children, religious organizations, and so on. Belonging is great, we were created to crave community, but losing our individuality and our identity in the process is unhealthy and it will leave us depleted and lost. Part of reclaiming our identity is identifying our purpose; you know, one of the many existential questions we are bound to ask ourselves at some point or another. Why am I here? For which purpose was I created? What’s my worth?

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Why is Resilience a Leader’s Superpower?

Resilience allows us to think critically during difficult times while keeping a positive perspective because we trust in our knowledge and experience, and we trust in our team. Difficult situations will happen, problems will arise, mistakes will be made, yet how we react and how we respond and rebuild can set us apart from the rest.

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How Successful Leaders Approach Fear of Failure

Developing our resilience and creating self-awareness about the fixed mindset and growth mindset, and ensuring we are making the conscious decision of approaching challenges with a sense of excitement for the growth to come; instead of as the possibility of failure and the associated shame it casts on us, will help us to be more assertive and focus more on working at finding a way forward.

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Impostor Syndrome – What is it and how to combat it?

To counter the notion of inadequacy and/or ineptitude, you might end up working harder, putting in longer hours and holding yourself to even higher standards. Healthy boundaries tend to get blurry and you may allow your career to become the central focus of your entire life, yet left feeling like no matter what you do, you are still not enough. 

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