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Emotional Intelligence

3 Myths About Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps in avoiding passive aggressiveness and promoting emotional clarity. For example, anger is a healthy emotion. It indicates a discomfort we are feeling and guides us into setting healthy boundaries for ourselves, without destroying our relationships. So one of the goals of EQ is identifying what emotions we are feeling and fostering them in a conductive way, instead of blocking them until they bottle up to the point of exploding.

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The Grateful Leader

Saying thank you has a powerful effect. Of course we get paid for the work we do daily, but being seen, heard and acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation is what we all as human beings aim for.
never hold on to a thank you I can give because I know how much positive impact it can have on the recipient and the world needs more grateful people.

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Leading with Kindness

Kindness is like a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it’ll become. And as a result, we’ll become more grateful, more expectant, more intentional, and way more engaged. It’s easy to criticize others and to allow our self-righteousness to boost our ego and pat us in the back, but the truth is, nobody has it absolutely right. We all make mistakes, we all struggle, and we all have a long way to go when it comes to growth. Yet with kindness and compassion to self and to others, the load will always become lighter and more manageable.

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EQ and Emotional Blindspots

Emotions can sometimes feel overwhelming and diminish our ability to lead effectively. Some emotions can be easily monitored and managed; while others, may require a deeper commitment or even outside support, in the form of counseling. Yet, creating elf-awareness and the necessary emotional regulation to deal with our emotions in a way that is conductive is a key skill in leadership.

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Why is Resilience a Leader’s Superpower?

Resilience allows us to think critically during difficult times while keeping a positive perspective because we trust in our knowledge and experience, and we trust in our team. Difficult situations will happen, problems will arise, mistakes will be made, yet how we react and how we respond and rebuild can set us apart from the rest.

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The Art of Asking Questions

Questions are a powerful way to dig into what’s keeping us stuck and helping us uncover whatever, fear, habit or believe we are holding on to that’s preventing us from growing and advancing.

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Why EQ trumps IQ every time

As leaders we need to be attuned with our environment and develop the ability to create lasting authentic relationships. Yet as previously stated intellectual ability alone won’t build the path to success, if leadership is your calling. On the other hand, your EQ allows you to deal with intangible things like stress and emotions that have a direct impact on your ability to perform as an individual, as well as as part of a team.

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Vulnerability & Leadership

Being in a leadership role, doesn’t make you any less human than the members of the team you’ve been entrusted to lead. The willingness to be vulnerable allows leaders to have compassion with themselves, as well as with others. Because of their authenticity, they are able to create connections, as they are willing to let go of the preconceived idea of who they needed to be, in order to become who they truly are, and that is key because any team can measure if the leader’s intentions are true or not, based on their behavior.

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