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This is Why Leaders Shouldn’t Be Nice!

As leaders, we are not called to be nice, we are called to be kind, honest and courageous. We are also called to have the hard conversation, and doing so by applying that honesty kindness and courage. That is exactly what the members of our team need and expect from us. This is where their growth happens.

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The Compassionate Leader

Same as in management, processes cannot be improve unless we intentioanlly measure them. In leadership, people cannot be developed unless we intentionally invest in them. Leading people requires physical, mental and emotional investment. Leaders must care!

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Plant a Tree – Have a Child – Write a Book

The success in reaching such goal lays in visualizing it daily, as if it’s already a reality and then putting all of our focus and commitment to make it come true.
Yet, we can never approach it with a plan B at hand, that right there means we have accepted defeat before even launching.

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The Importance of Building Your Tribe

As human beings we were created for community, so we crave it. However, having the right people around us makes a world of difference. If we take into account the law of averages, meaning that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes, then the famous quote from Jim Rohn “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with” has lots of veracity in it.

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What Does “Walking the Talk” Means?

One of the biggest tools we can consistently use as leaders is personal growth. As leaders, we cannot afford to stop learning, our team deserve better than that. Plus, building habits around personal growth will in parallel keep sharpening our self-leadership; which is what will keep our egos in check.

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What Builds Self-Confidence?

I’m a firm believer on the power of compounding and little daily wins over time, turn into huge conquered mountains. One example of this is the book I wrote. I put down ideas, an outline, concepts, quotes for a period of months. I copied and repasted my ideas, moved them around and reframe them, but I also deleted chunks of paragraphs. Yet from all the brain dumps I had over a period of nine months, a cohesive structure for my book was born. Writing a book sounds like a huge goal to achieve, yet writing a few paragraphs each day, was super manageable.

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My Team-Building Framework

Team building is above all an ongoing activity we must engage in. It never ever happens by accident, it has to be intentional and we must dedicate our time and attention to it. Never forget that teams can smell BS a mile away, so keep it real!

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What Gardening Teaches Us About Leadership

When teams are failing, most likely than not, it is the leader’s failure reflected on them. Our goal as leaders is to build others to that same, or even higher level of excellence, and to build them up with a “pay-it-forward” mindset. We give with open hands and we believe in people, because everyone deserves to be led well.

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Pick Your Hard

Our life is the result of the choices we make. If we want to succeed at the level of the 1%, we have to be willing to do what the other 99% is too lazy to do. Every choice I make, brings me one step closer to my goals every day. I have a crystal clear picture of the hards I’m willing to endure to achieve the goals I dream of. My hope for you is that you decide to do the same. You have all the potential within you already, your next step is to align your non-negotiables with the hards you’re going to choose going forward.

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How Do Leaders Work on the Things They Don’t Feel Like Working?

Leadership is not a role one can take on lightly, I’ve said this before, but I think is worth repeating. If we want others to believe in us and to willingly follow us, we must give them something worth following. At home, we cannot ask from our spouse and children, or from our parents, something that we are not willing to give. It always boils down to self-leadership. We reap what we saw.

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