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An Attitude of Gratitude…

As a growth-minded leader, I’m always searching for ways to stay motivated and inspired. I know that when I’m feeling my best, I’m able to bring my best to the table, and that’s when I can really make a difference.

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Leadership = Influence

As a leader, it can feel it’s hard to influence others without using manipulation or wasting your time, talent and resources. You may find yourself frustrated, feeling like you’re not getting anywhere or not having the impact you want.

But the truth is, you don’t need to resort to manipulative tactics to influence others. There are simple, effective ways to do it without sacrificing your integrity.

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To connect means to be able to put aside any differences to find a common ground that makes us alike and relatable. It is to empathize with others and understand them better.

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On Team-Building…How Do You Make Them Care?

As an leader, I know there’s nothing more important than having a great team. A team that works together, communicates well, and is motivated to succeed can take your operation to the next level. But how do you get to that point? How do you bring your team together and create an environment of collaboration and success?

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EQ for Leaders Simplified

Emotional Intelligence is the “special something” in each of us that is intangible but is palpable at the same time and that helps us become more effective when dealing with ourselves and others.

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The Grateful Leader

Saying thank you has a powerful effect. Of course we get paid for the work we do daily, but being seen, heard and acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation is what we all as human beings aim for.
never hold on to a thank you I can give because I know how much positive impact it can have on the recipient and the world needs more grateful people.

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What Does It Mean To Go All In?

Going all in doesn’t mean we must do or die, it means we must create a strategy that allows us to maximize our potential, identify the support we need, identify the skills we must develop, while ensuring our well-being is not an afterthought and therefore keeping us sane.

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The Power of Embracing the Struggle

Growing always carries with it its proverbial growing pains. Yet a lot of people want a plug-&-play solution without going to the process it takes to get it….without paying the price. Yet, there’s such beauty that can be found in the struggle…

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This is Why Leaders Shouldn’t Be Nice!

As leaders, we are not called to be nice, we are called to be kind, honest and courageous. We are also called to have the hard conversation, and doing so by applying that honesty kindness and courage. That is exactly what the members of our team need and expect from us. This is where their growth happens.

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