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This is Why Leaders Shouldn’t Be Nice!

As leaders, we are not called to be nice, we are called to be kind, honest and courageous. We are also called to have the hard conversation, and doing so by applying that honesty kindness and courage. That is exactly what the members of our team need and expect from us. This is where their growth happens.

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The Compassionate Leader

Same as in management, processes cannot be improve unless we intentioanlly measure them. In leadership, people cannot be developed unless we intentionally invest in them. Leading people requires physical, mental and emotional investment. Leaders must care!

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What Determines Your Identity?

The problem with attaching our identity to the work we do or to the company we do it for is that the day that for any reason that job is no longer there, professionals lose alongside with their income, their own sense of purpose and identity. And this is not only relevant to jobs or careers, it happens with spouses, children, religious organizations, and so on. Belonging is great, we were created to crave community, but losing our individuality and our identity in the process is unhealthy and it will leave us depleted and lost. Part of reclaiming our identity is identifying our purpose; you know, one of the many existential questions we are bound to ask ourselves at some point or another. Why am I here? For which purpose was I created? What’s my worth?

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The Importance of Building Your Tribe

As human beings we were created for community, so we crave it. However, having the right people around us makes a world of difference. If we take into account the law of averages, meaning that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes, then the famous quote from Jim Rohn “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with” has lots of veracity in it.

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My Team-Building Framework

Team building is above all an ongoing activity we must engage in. It never ever happens by accident, it has to be intentional and we must dedicate our time and attention to it. Never forget that teams can smell BS a mile away, so keep it real!

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Leading with Kindness

Kindness is like a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it’ll become. And as a result, we’ll become more grateful, more expectant, more intentional, and way more engaged. It’s easy to criticize others and to allow our self-righteousness to boost our ego and pat us in the back, but the truth is, nobody has it absolutely right. We all make mistakes, we all struggle, and we all have a long way to go when it comes to growth. Yet with kindness and compassion to self and to others, the load will always become lighter and more manageable.

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Why is Resilience a Leader’s Superpower?

Resilience allows us to think critically during difficult times while keeping a positive perspective because we trust in our knowledge and experience, and we trust in our team. Difficult situations will happen, problems will arise, mistakes will be made, yet how we react and how we respond and rebuild can set us apart from the rest.

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Manipulation vs. Influence, What’s The Difference?

Leadership is the willingness and conviction to serve others and bring value to them. True leaders identify others needs and put them ahead of their own. As leaders, our goal is to engage those entrusted to us to take action because they are both extrinsically and intrinsically motivated to do so.

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Effective Conflict Resolution

If you have the pulse of the team, you will easily be able to identify these behavioral changes. When you do, be mindful not to pry, yet ensure that your team member knows that you are there if they need to talk. On the other hand, they may come to you for advice; which gives you now an even bigger responsibility. You see, opening up is not always easy, but if you have earned that level of trust with them, focus on listening and guarding their confidence.

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