The High-Performance Leaders’ Guide to Working Hard and Taking Time to Recharge!


The High-Performance Leaders’ Guide to Working Hard and Taking Time to Recharge!

Hi Meaningful Leaders,

This one is going to be a tad different than my other posts…

I’m typing this on Sunday and this long weekend, I experienced burnout! My endless pool of ideas ran dry. My focus has been foggy and I’ve been stuck in the same tasks for what it feels like EVER! Even my head hurts in weird places…

loud sigh*

I struggled getting the words together for this article and I feel it’s important I’m honest with you about it. My goal is to always bring inspiration and applicable knowledge in every article, but this week, my humanness has gotten in the way.

I value the power of consistency. I truly believe that consistency can transform average into excellent, so not showing up as I always do on your inbox onTuesdays, was not an option. So, here I am, not at my best, but definitely at my honest!

I always say that leadership is not for everyone. As leaders, we are always dealing with people and people can be depleting. So for leaders recharging is key for success.

There is a way of combining high achievement and self-compassion and I had to remind myself of it this weekend. Many moons ago, I used to suffer from workaholism and I had to crawl my way back into a life with healthy boundaries and balanced rest that I didn’t feel I had to earn.

Are you a high-performance leaders who want to get things done without working yourself to the ground? We’ve all been there, right? It can feel like a never-ending cycle of exhaustion which can be incredibly draining and quite pathetic.

So I said to myself: “self – let’s get out of the funk and into a conductive and healthy system, shall we?”

The key is to find the right balance between working hard and taking the time to recharge. After all, self-compassion and self-care are not selfish, they are necessities. All high-performance leaders need to find their own formula for success and here are a few tips to help you get started, as this is not the first time I find myself here.

First of all, learn to recognize when your body and mind are telling you to slow down. Take regular breaks throughout the day and make sure to get enough rest. This will help you stay focused and energized. Also, don’t forget that we are what we eat, so be intentional about fueling your body.

Second, make sure to take time for yourself. This could mean taking a walk, reading a book, or even just taking a few minutes to breathe. This will help you stay in the present moment and keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.

Third, don’t forget to have fun! Make sure to incorporate activities that you enjoy into your daily routine. This could be anything from playing a game to working out, or even going to the beach. Anything that helps you relax and have fun will help you stay motivated and focused.

Fourth, keep your why front and center. Don’t allow busyness to get in the way of your purpose, why we do what we do matters tremendously and it can be a fantastic source of inspiration.

Finally, set realistic goals and deadlines for yourself. This will help you stay on track and make sure that you don’t drive yourself crazy in the process. Make sure to plan for rest. This will help you to preserve your energy and stay centered and clear.

Remember, the key to success is to find your own formula for getting things done in a way that considers your personal needs. Listen to your body and be kind to yourself. You cannot offer what you don’t have an pouring fro man empty cup is impossible, even for the best of us.

It’s Sunday and I’m going to watch a movie and most likely take a nap, but I truly hope you found value here today. If you did, please like, comment and share with one person who can benefit from this content.

Thanks for reading and God bless,

Always rooting for you!



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