The True Perfectionist

Hi meaningful leader,

It’s so great to see you, how you’ve been?

Glad to hear you’re doing great, I’ve been doing great as well, thanks for asking!

I’m going to share with you today something I’ve been learning and working through for the past few months and that I think it’ll be valuable to you as well.

Perfectionism can be such a demanding feeling….

And I’m the first to say that. I’m a perfectionist in recovery, because for most of my life, perfectionism was both a paralyzing force, that caused me to second guess my actions and an excuse I used to justify my procrastination, OUCH!

Based on society’s expectations on what the “right things to do” are, we self-impose these sometimes impossible expectations of ourselves that will leave us feeling inadequate and even full of self-loathing. Because like it or not, perfectionism is the gateway to anxiety.

Perfectionism can be defined as the need to be or appear to be perfect, or even to believe that it’s possible to achieve perfection. It is typically viewed as a positive trait rather than a flaw..

Some people can even go as far as claiming the have “healthy perfectionism” to describe or justify perfectionistic behavior. But reality is that perfection is a fleeting illusion. We are however, able to perfect our craft through consistent practice and dedication.

You see, I have stopped using perfectionism as a crutch to justify my fear of criticism and my lack of self-confidence, and instead have combined my love for continuous improvement to put out great, imperfect work each day and keep working consistently into perfecting my craft.

That's what true perfectionism really is...

As skilled, talented and hard-working a person is, nobody can be absolutely good at EVERYTHING, that a fact. Yet, we increase our value by becoming exceptionally good at a set of skills through concentrated effort. That’s our edge. And remember that consistency is key because discipline beats talent any day of the week.

Remember that:

Discipline is motivation in action

The bottomline is that our value and worth is not defined by what we achieve. Instead, growing each day and becoming the person we need to become in order of reach those achievements should be our focus. And in order to grow, there are going to be ups and downs, failures and successes. But if we don’t keep our desire to do our best work in check from becoming our enemy; perfectionism for the sake of boosting our ego, can severely impact our self-esteem and play against us in the long run.

Ultimately our goal should be to serve others, nothing we do is about us, but about those on the receiving end. And I guarantee they don’t expect perfection out of you, they expect authenticity, they expect value and most importantly, they expect that you really care about them. This goes for parenting as well….

I hope you decide to embrace life with courage and start doing the things you don’t feel yet equip to do, as that’s where the growth happens. You got this and I’m in your corner cheering for you!

Remember that action is the prescription for success; ultimately, nobody has become a great driver while keeping their car on park!

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