The Growing Pains of Learning a New Skill

Hi. meaningful leader,

I hope your weekend was fun a restful. Mine was super productive so I wanted to share with you about it and about a new project I’m working on.

When it comes to skills, it is easy to feel overwhelmed if we feel we lack what we need to move a new project forward. One of the things I love the most about coaching is that along with performance goals, because we are ultimately high performers, there are growth goals associated with them, that we need to identify and develop in parallel to make those performance goals a reality.

What are growth goals?

Growth goals are the different skills we need to develop in order to be properly equipped to tackle the different requirements of our performance goals. For example, an entrepreneur may have a vision for the product or service he or she wants to bring to the market. He or she creates the vision and starts to work at aligning all the things necessary to start sharing his or her product or service. However, our entrepreneur lacks accounting skills and lacks the knowledge on how to best setup their business or the type of processes he or she needs to follow to track expenses and revenue, in order to create a successful and profitable business.The accounting skills will be consider a growth goal that he or she needs to develop in order to get their business ahead.

In my case, sharing the leadership content in this blog is helpful and some of you are benefiting greatly, based on the feedback I so humbly keep receiving from you. But at the same time, I’m aware that in today’s day, people are more keen on consuming video content that written one. Even one of my readers, recommended that I started a YouTube channel, as it will help in spreading this content more broadly.

So this weekend, I posted my first YouTube Channel video and I used a topic I’m passionate about discussing, Fear of Failure. In my view, it was the best way to start, because it allowed me discussed how I procrastinated recording a video and launching my channel because of my own fear of failure. I felt very insecure and somewhat inadequate doing it, yet as part of my high performance goal of growing Meaningful Leaders and sharing leadership content with others, creating the channel was a growth goal I needed to tackle.

The crazy thing is that editing the video really kicked my butt and it took me way longer and made me more frustrated that setting up for the video and getting it done. This is exactly where the growing pains come onboard. Learning something new is hard, and the frustration can feel heavy, so quitting sounds like a good idea, but we must not.

During the editing I did on Saturday before posting the video, I somehow deleted the whole thing not one, BUT TWICE, and had to start from scratch. But the crazy thing is that if we want that performance goals bad enough, we get onboard with putting up with the growing pains and even learn to embrace them.

Remember that same as what happens during adolescence, there can’t be growth without its associated growing pains.

My wish for your this week is that you’re able to look at those growing pains as your friend and see the value of going through them, while you climb to the next step. Once we become experts at something (hopefully that’ll be me with Final Cut Pro soon), we tend to forget how challenging and frustrating it felt at the beginning, because it has become second nature to us. Keep working at your craft, keep embracing the challenges, keep editing, keep writing, keep studying, keep practicing, keep painting, keep planting. The growth is found in the process. Nothing worth having will ever be easy.

I hope you found value in today’s article, for me it was truly cathartic. If you did, please comment below, share with me what you are working on and what growing pains you are currently conquering; I’d love to hear from you. Also, please share the blog with others that you think can benefit from this content and if you haven’t yet, please subscribe to my blog. You’ll receive a quick notification every time content is posted.

Thanks for stoping by and for letting me share this with you. Have an amazing rest of the week and God bless,




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