The Compassionate Leader


The Compassionate Leader

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Whenever I get asked to state a word with which my team, if asked, would describe me, my first answer is always, “they will tell you that I CARE”. I say this because I truly do and THEY KNOW IT. So for this week’s article I wanted us to deep dive into the meaning of what it means to be a caring, compassionate leader.

Same as in management, processes cannot be improved unless we intentionally measure them. In leadership, people cannot be developed unless we intentionally invest in them. Leading people requires physical, mental and emotional investment. That investment translates into caring for their well-being holistically.

In a Gallup Organization multi-year study published on April 1999 titled “The twelve key dimensions that describe great workgroups”, the notion that my supervisor cares about me made # 5 on the list. This study supports the fact that people don’t quit companies, they quit managers. It states that “The impact that a supervisor has in today’s workplace can be either very valuable or very costly to the organization and the people who work there.” Hence why we need to be cognizant that not every leader is suitable to lead every team.

I constantly repeat that team building is relationship building. We cannot simple wing it, when it comes to leading a team, it’s a process and requires time and most of all, intentionality. According this this study, “For employees, the credibility of senior management is driven largely by the quality of relationships employees have with their supervisors. Thus, rather than feeling the need for a town-hall meeting, the CEO should feel compelled to ensure that all employees have caring relationships with their managers or designates.”

When as leaders we care about our people, we go beyond the required yearly performance review and in-between feedback sessions and scorecards. We must ensure we understand:

  • Who each person on the team is?
  • What drives them?
  • What scares them?
  • What motivates them?
  • How do they persevere recognition?
  • How do they prefer to be recognized?
  • What are their strengths and weakness?
  • Where are they headed goal-wise?

And most importantly, how can we better serve each one of them?

But to answer this one, we must truly know our people and deeply care for them.

When we care for people, one of the highlights is that we are more keen to show them compassion. Work is challenging as it is, giving people grace and loving on them when things get tough is the trademark of a true leader.

Loyalty reaps more benefits that ruling with an iron hand. Yes, people may take advantage of you, they have done it to me….let them. Ultimately, that’s on them, not on you.

Leadership is not for everyone. Leaders are constantly dealing with people and that can become exhausting. Yet, when we lead from a place of service instead of from a place of self-service, we’ll always lead from our overflow.

After all remember that…

“It’s never about the leader. It’s always about the team – Leaders cannot do it alone, success is never a solo act”

How are you going to show up today for your team? Are you leading from your overflow or feeling burnt out? If the latter, reassess your intentions and remember why you started….take a deep breath and care deeply for those you have been entrusted to lead. Be proud of the work you do, and show up with the intentionality of a compassionate leader.

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Have an amazing rest of your week, chin up and God bless!


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