What Does It Mean To Go All In?

Hi meaningful leader,

I’m so glad to see you, I always look forward to our Tuesday meetup!

For today I want us to look into what it means to go all in when pursuing a goal.

One thing I’ve learned about myself this year is the fact that I have an obsessive personality trait. The word obsessive has such a negative connotation and creates this picture in people’s mind of a psycho (it did in mine, trust me), but the good thing about self-awareness and emotional regulation is that by knowing what my personality traits and tendencies are, I can funnel them in  productive and healthy ways.

When I have a goal in mind I’m like a dog with a bone…relentless! I can go on and on, keeping my blinders on so I don’t lose track of what I need to do to achieve it. But that has caused me in the part to surefire burnout (no pun intended!). Yet, by having the self-awareness of how I go about things, I can balance rest and pace myself in a way that is productive and conductive, without leaving me depleted.

Rest is not a reward we need to earn. Rest is a basic human need we must learn to prioritize.

There is no high performance without a holistic well-being. It frustrates me how people focus on career goals, while neglecting the other areas of their lives. We are in essence one ecosystem and as such we must ensure all areas are functioning accordingly.

Having said all that. The only way to truly excel and reach a goal is by going all in. Real success doesn’t include shortcuts, we must do the work. But learning to work using our strengths and abilities in our favor and not allowing our ego, stubbornness and comparison to get in our way is the key.

In my particular case, I use my obsessive tendencies to help me stay on track and to define with clarity which way I’m headed to. I know quite well how easily I can divert back to overwork and perfectionism….two tendencies I keep in check to avoid falling back into. I set reasonable time for working on each task I need to work on, while ensuring my rest and me-time gets prioritized as well. We cannot pour to others from an empty cup!

Going all in doesn’t mean we must do or die, it means we must create a strategy that allows us to maximize our potential, identify the support we need, identify the skills we must develop, while ensuring our well-being is not afterthought and therefore keeping us sane.

Achieving big goals requires that we go all in, that we are committed and that we give it our all. Yet, learning how to go all in in a smart way, will ensure we are able to collect the fruits of our work after all is said and done.

I hope you don’t lose sight of your ability to reach greatness, just because exhaustion is taking a toll on you. Rest, reassess, redirect, but don’t stop moving! Going all in is the only way to obtain the “impossible” YOU GOT THIS!

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Have an awesome rest of the week and God bless,



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